Cornelus (Cor Heilig), painter, 1940...

Since 1958 he started painting in oil. At that time he studied at the Kunstnijverheidschool Amsterdam, the later Rietveld Academy.
His style of painting is naturalistic-impressionistic. His specialty is portrait painting; in oil, watercolor, chalk, charcoal or pen and ink.
He lives in France since 2002 after a 40 year advertising career.
Next to portrait any other subject does have his interest to paint, like landscape, town-life, townscape, animals and (even) still-life sometimes.
He doesn't feel a 'renewer', but that is no issue for him. His work is more or less a continuation of what is already done, but then his style and vision. He chooses to keep on working the way he does, to develop himself that way. Show people how they are, vividly displayed, recognizable to everyone, that fascinates and inspires him. This also applies to animals, scenes and land- and cityscapes. When he uses the palette knife and starts to abstract his subjects,  he continues to find the the vibrancy and recognizability of interest, regardless of the use of wrong colours and proportions.
When painting portraits he often uses photographs, that's more practical then painting from life. The model doesn't have to sit for hours and hours in the same positron, this is hard for children in particular. On the other hand, painting from life he loves to do it, preferably.
He prefers to make a series of photos himself, his vision of the person. If that is not possible to realize for any reason he will ask for recent photos as many as he can get, to achieve the best impression, to get know the person as good as possible. The portrait will be to his satisfaction when he himself recognizes the model…, resemblance and appearance. And the portrait would rise above the used reverence material. It shouldn't be a copied photo.
Cornelus has carried out assignments for clients in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England and the USA.

Price indication: head and shoulders, size 40 x 50 cm, oil on canvas,
€ 1800. Travel expenses and photographing to be agreed.


Le Bourg
36150 Reboursin, Frankrijk
Tel. 0033(0)254498502

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