Following the portrait of Clara:
Although I had already seen an image by email, the introduction to the real work completely overwhelmed me. I had the conviction to have something very precious in my hands. I am convinced that this portrait will be admired by many generations after me.

For a posthumous portrait, halfway: "What an incredible beautiful portrait is this going to be. Reactions from our children: wouwww…! Reaction from her brother Jan: Totally my sissy. I only could cry, and that says enough.
And after delivery: "What a striking, beautiful portrait it has become! I'm very pleased with it!"

Hello Cor,
I just want to say that I absolutely love your paintings. I regularly visit "Exto" to "see" someone else's work, see how others approach things like that, and just to get some inspiration ... and so I came across your site. Beautiful Paris vues, beautiful people ... I am really impressed. Well, that's what I wanted to tell you.
Love, Tamara

Hi Cor,
What did you do that well! .... That Freya's gaze is all recognition, well-hit though! We are very happy with it... For our feeling: it's her totally! Her attitude and the way she looks, her personality comes all the way forward. You hear her chat and ask. They (Ella and Frya) are now on the couch and we are very impressed with the result "in the flesh"...
Fantastic beautiful work delivered, Cor. THANKS. It will be of great value to us, now and in the future.
Sincerely, Jan and Tineke

What a beautiful works you make!!! I love the atmosphere and the expressions, the way you know how to fix it!
Greetings, Mirella

Hi Cor,
I am stunned by the works that you have put on your site ... gorgeous, totally crazy.
Keep on oing like that, mate, success and good luck!

Dear Cor,
What a pleasure to watch your work. Espacially where you come from, and that you now fully dedicate yourself to the artistry. I enjoyed your portraits, especially the loosely painted ones, like the child in the sunlight and your self-portraits. Also the portrait of the woman who is busy (...painting).
Greatings from Pita

A wonderful drawing ..! Clear craftsmanship ... You see this too little!
Success, Hans

Having an opinion about your work is not difficult ... Magnificent, a pleasure to view your site. Strong, well executed, good ideas about composition. I will regularly admire your site.
Good luck, Wally

Dear Cor,
By Fred I received the news about your youngest pursuits. Was always impressed by your drawing talent, but you are not mad with the brush as well. In particular I find your Parisian Street magnificent, with its looseness and striking ambiance. As a Parisian from the very beginning (I lived there for a small year in the early sixties) I immediately recognize the romance in the streets.
For me, it's not inferior to the "great impressionists".
Yours sincerely, Donald

Hello Cor,
Last Saturday, my dear family surprised me with a beautiful painting of my four-legged friend Michou. The resemblance is striking. it is beautifully painted, with that careless background and the shades of color that its fur really has in sunlight. Yet, that is not the most special thing about your painting. It is almost a miracle how you, who have only seen Michou on photographs, have succeeded in exposing the creature of this dog. his soft, often scary nature ... his affection, alertness and his always focused gaze. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this artwork. Michou will now be 3 years old forever ...
Best reagrds, Sacha

Dear Cor,
"....Isabelle is there, no problems anymore, whatever you did makes her look like a teenager now and not a woman, I think that she looks very good. Alex always looked great in any of your representation..... I can't wait to proudly display both pieces in my house!. And I think that the portrait of my parents is excellent too :), they look like Mimi and PéŽpère! I can't wait to proudly display both pieces in my house!....
Lots of love, Marie-Claude

Hello Cor,
An extraordinary beautiful drawing of an industrial landscape, as you can also find at E.Hopper. This seems a boring subject, but as van Gogh said: it does not matter what you draw, but how you draw.
Lots of succes and greatings, Henk

Hi Cor,
As usual, you show again a striking portrait with a few charcoal strokes. I assume that she also looks like your model. Keep it up and success.
With kind regards, Henk

Hi Cor,
I went to visit you shortly after our conversation. Complimenti !!!
The most fascinating part I find your oil paintings, with those striking effective brush strokes that awakened to me the romance of Israels and Mauve.
Kindest regards, Fons

This hangs at home and I am still very fond of it. Do you remember that my husband Joop always was so pleased with this portrait? Now 20 years later, it still hangs in my house. Now with a new husband, and living in Zeeland. People always look at it ...
With kind regards
, Caroline Louise

I like it a lot
and yes I think it is very beautiful
I just love it
and of course I just like it
but sometimes hey, sometimes I also like it
could you now also imagine that I like it ?
well, I hope you understand that I like it
good day and do not forget that I like it,
P.S. I like it

Dear Cornelus,
You are a really good draftsman Cornelus! I have enjoyed your work on your website. I find your drawings top and especially your landscapes from around 1980 and 2004! The unfinished (so to speak) in your work I find beautiful. I think you refine too much in a number of works. I find that especially clear in the stages that show you work. For me you should stop just a bit earlier. That is what I see in your landscapes. It is my preference though. I like things closer to the basics than to the top. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful .... There are not many who can draw like that: hit, hit, hit!
Lots of success, regards, Ray


Considering the painting "On the street in Paris".
Clean, simple, yet it invokes the works of the masters of Impressionism. You've got a great piece here, so well painted that, one can hear the street noises and even smell her perfume.
James Steagle

Cornelus for a portrait of a loved one, as he or she is in reality.
We humans play drama all our lives. Even if we have a picture taken of ourselves or pose for a portrait. Continually, consciously or unconsciously, we constantly ask ourselves how we are seen by others. And then we adopt an attitude or facial expression that is not really our own.
So it may happen that you can think of a portrait of a loved one: "It seems like, but it is not him (or her)". Just like a passport photo shows exactly the face construction but nothing that happens inside that head. The specialty of portrait painter Cornelus is that he can put the inner self of a person on the canvas.
He knows that rare moment that we are completely ourselves, sometimes with a single brushstroke. So that many of Cornelus clients at the sight of the final result say: "Yes, that is truely him!" Even the people portrayed themselves say (when they are still alive): "That's me and I can be content with myself ! "
Frans Lavell, librettist, author.

Alkmaar op Zondag, 11 November 2001
Tenth art show with Jan Cees Lont.
... Of a very different caliber are the paintings of Cor Heilig, working under the name Cornelus. His paintings show an enormous authenticity, which gives you the tendency to talk to the painting. The mysterious Marquita will intrigue many visitors ....

La Nouvelle Republique, 22 juillet 2003
The winners of the exhibition.
... Cornelis Heilig, a Dutchman who settled in Reboursin, won the first prize in the painting category with the canvas titled "Tineke and Bowie", portrait of his wife with her dog in her arms. Connoisseurs find to recognize in that work a slight touch of Cézanne ...

La République, 23 juin 2011
Cornelis has done a lot of model drawing in different techniques, people he has taken in the moment of action, so real that you expect them to move. On the walls of his studio are portraits hanging, nudes and scenes, painted to life in oil, watercolor or gouache. On his canvases he displays surprisingly expressive characters, such as the mother who pulls her child, or passers-by who are plowing through the rain, put down with power in warm colors, with brush or palette knife. On his easel a portrait of George Sand executed in oil, illustrating the poster of his exhibition in Nohant-Vic. Cornelis also paints portraits on commission. Do not hesitate, he excels in it.
Solange Fabre

La Nouvelle République, 11 juin 2013
... his certain severe hand that is characteristic of his work in ink; his talent as a colourist makes his paintings vibrate.
His paintings with different subjects, styles and treatments emphasize his attachment to humanity. The artist shows intimate images, such as portraits of children or nudes, but also unexpected scenes, unknown places, such as that street corner in Nohan where one normally passes by.

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